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NOVAFLASH online burner

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What is a burner?

The burner is called a programmer in mainland China. Because Taiwan’s semiconductor industry developed early, after arriving in the mainland, customers called it a "programmer" because the English name is now PROGRAMMER. This English name is the same as that of general software programmers, so it is called "programmer". ". The burner is actually a tool for writing data on programmable integrated circuits. The burner is mainly used for the programming (or flashing) of chips such as single-chip microcomputer (including embedded)/memory (including BIOS) . The burners can be divided into universal burners, mass-production burners, and special burners in terms of function. Special-purpose burners have the lowest price and have fewer types of applicable chips. They are suitable for programming with a certain type or type of special chip, for example, only the PIC series needs to be programmed. The full-featured general-purpose type generally can cover almost (not all) all the current chips that need to be programmed. Due to the troublesome design, the high cost limits the sales, and the final price is very high. It is suitable for the situation where many kinds of chips need to be programmed.
What is the principle of IC programming?

The principle of the burner is to change the 010101 structure inside the chip by powering on the chip within the permitted timing range for a chip that can be programmed, so as to achieve the desired effect. ZLG Zhiyuan Electronics SmartPRO 5000U-PLUS series burners can stably support MCU, Nor Flash, FPGA, CPLD and other chips. Actually: Not all ICs can be programmed, only memory can be programmed. But now many microcontrollers have integrated program memory, so microcontrollers can also be programmed. There are many MOS transistors inside the memory. It is difficult to release the voltage of the gate of the MOS transistor when it is charged (the maximum storage is more than 10 years), that is, the voltage of the gate of the MOS transistor is a memory function. When programming, the program is in the form of binary (0 low level and 1 high level), charging or discharging the corresponding MOS transistor gate inside the chip to form data storage. For example: a channel of 00000001 data is sent to the memory, and the MOS gate is charged and discharged for storage. The first 0000000 discharges the corresponding MOS tube and saves it in a low-level form, and the last 1 is to store it in the form of charging the MOS tube gate. . In this way, the eight MOS transistors save the data of 00000001. When reading, the MOS tube grid discharge output is 0, and the charge output is 1, and a series of data is read and output. When the single-chip microcomputer works, it first reads the data of the program memory, and then works completely according to the program data; when different programs are programmed into the internal memory of the single-chip microcomputer, the single-chip microcomputer works differently.
The basic working principle of programmable controller:

There are two main points in the work of a programmable controller (PLC): input and output information conversion, reliable physical realization

The input and output information transformation is mainly realized by running the program stored in the PLC memory. This program has both system (this program is also called monitoring program, or operating system) and user. The system program provides an editing and running platform for the user program. At the same time, it also performs necessary public processing, such as self-check, I/O refresh, and communication with peripherals, host computers or other PLCs. The user program is designed by the user in accordance with the control requirements. What kind of control, there is what kind of user program.

Reliable physical realization is mainly through input (I, INPUT) and output (O, OUTPUT) circuits. Each input point or output point has an I or O circuit. Moreover, several such circuits are always integrated into a module (or box), and then several modules (or boxes) are integrated into a complete PLC I/O system (circuit). Although these modules are quite large and account for most of the PLC volume, because they are highly integrated, the PLC volume is not too large.
NOVAFLASH--Online Burner

Novaflash ISP customer permissions: become a Novaflash customer, you can access the latest documents for free, and download the latest files from the area.
Features of Novaflash:
Integration-easy to integrate ISP function into a fixture or ATE, the best choice
Flexibility-Hydra can program multiple devices at the same time, through multiple separate units connected to the same host.
Versatility-compatible with existing equipment on the market, such as Takaya flying probe instrument, Teradyne ICT equipment, etc.

Reasons and advantages for customers to choose Novaflash:
1- novalink(1Gps, LAN Cable,Not, ISP Line)
2- GRP File (Only ONE File)
3- Provide the Real time Log information
4- GRP file and original Data File CRC value (Two offers)/ Data File and Source Inspection can be verified
5- TCK: MAX 50Mhz
6- Provide Utilities together for the Engineer& Production
7- AS Warranty 3years
8- Free of Charge for Development Device Driver
9- UUT Real time monitoring