SFX-TAP6 NI board

SFX-TAP6 NI board

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TAP transceiver SFX-TAP6NI board

National Instruments helps SkySafe develop drone defense system

In order to cope with technological development and SWaP challenges, based on NI commercial SDR technology, SkySafe has developed a corresponding system that combines NI SDR with open source software, so that SkySafe can quickly adapt to changing threats by deploying new algorithms and greatly reduce Deployment time and cost of new features.

With the help of NI, the SkySafe UAV defense system combines NI Ettus Research USRP X310 SDR, GNU Radio open source framework and RFNoC (a flexible FPGA framework). The flexibility provided by the USRP X310 makes it ideal for fast-developing, highly adaptable, low-power mobile applications.

SkySafe Chief Technology Officer Scott Torborg said, "We are very happy to have partners like NI join. NI Ettus Research USRP X310 is the only commercial SDR with both openness and original RF and DSP functions, which can meet the rapid changes in the market. Human-machine threat countermeasures. In addition, environmental protection and system robustness were taken into consideration when designing the solution from the very beginning. NI’s support for retrofitting the USRP X310 was the key to meeting SkySafe’s environmental requirements."