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        Datang Mobile is all standard automatic network drive test system, test automation


        With 3G networks (TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000) and expanding the scale of the deployment of LTE networks, network optimization, operation and maintenance of the pressure increases, expanding the network to the case, so that generations of communication networks while optimizing and monitoring and control network to optimize the significant increase in maintenance costs, the entire communications industry need to be solved. To this end, Datang Mobile developed the first domestic full-independent standard network drive test system automatically - SPAN ADT, it is able to GSM / CDMA / WCDMA / TD four networks for automatic road test, with the system operator to achieve network testing, evaluation of fully automated. Currently SPAN ADT has been in the current network in large-scale use and deployment across the network platform for centralized testing and network with outstanding performance.

        All standard network drive test system automatically - SPAN ADT to achieve a variety of standard road network of automatic test data collection and storage, can be applied to the wireless network to monitor network quality, optimize the effect evaluation, cutover checks and routine maintenance, for network optimization engineers to provide a more powerful drive test tools. SPAN ADT revolutionized the concept of the traditional road test, the unmanned, remote-controlled method of measuring the human cost of the road to a minimum; while uploading data in real time, end unified management, real-time monitoring, truly a strategist, reducing the number of repeat tests.

        China Mobile 3G in the auto road test terminal, Datang Mobile, with its product advantages, have occupied more than 60% market share. Currently, China Mobile network automatically in the drive test terminals are mainly distributed in the country of all three lines above the city every day to collect vast amounts of data, data is automatically uploaded to the background control platform, automated analysis of network quality, the quality of mobile networks for China's continued provided strong leadership to protect. It is reported that China Mobile plans to be completed by 2012 all of the country network of test automation, then, all local wireless networks, will implement the test data acquisition and analysis automation.

        Datang Mobile SPAN ADT automated way to test product is currently multi-module, no external antenna miniaturization and other even more efficient, more convenient direction of evolution, the next-generation networks while simultaneously compatible. I believe that with automated drive test test function gradually improved, automated drive test equipment will be applied to wider areas, including taxis, buses. The automatic measuring system in the intelligent road transport development potential but also to the people unlimited imagination.

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