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National Instruments bans previous versions of LabVIEW 2019
- 2020-07-30-

NINational InstrumentsI have been moving frequently recently...and I have been working constantly.

1) The function of offline downloading device software is mainly prohibited;

When the long-awaited LabVIEW2019 comes, Happy Discovery Professional Edition can be tried for free. When we clicked on the download time, we found that the size of the file flashed on the download link was only 3.64MB. Could the link be wrong? Actually there is no fault, justNIThe offline device pack was cancelled.

Well, we can only download the so-called online download kit;

After downloading and decompressing, click Install.exe.

Then you can only download device programs and devices through VI Package Manager.

Then the next step...

In addition, LabWIndows/Cvi, Teststand... none of them are spared

I think many engineers will complain, what should I do if my computer cannot connect to the Internet...

This is the purpose. You must be able to download devices online so that you can get information about your computer...

Is this affected by the trade war?

I don't know anyway.

2) Stop downloading all old versions of other software;

LabVIEW stopped downloading all versions before the 2019 version, and only retained the patch function.

Some engineers will think, I just want to install LabVIEW2018, LabVIEW2017...what should I do?

Sorry,NIThe official website does not provide downloads, just to force you to use LabVIEW 2019, just like Microsoft's method of pushing win10.

Of course, you can also get the previous version from other sources, but at leastNIThe official no longer supplies.

In addition, LabWindows/CVI and Teststand are also in the same situation