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Is the Ni data collection of INFJ and INTJ the same?
- 2020-07-22-

Te+Fi pursues the extreme self, my policy, my interests, and my income. Must be caught in the vortex of quantifying all benefits. However, in addition to quantifiable benefits, there are also benefits that cannot be quantified and beyond the Te+Fi horizon. And Te+Fi’s most shortage is the pattern view, althoughNiDomination has given INTJ a very big change, but the invisible information is contrary to Te's method of seeking productivity, seeking power, and seeking empirical thinking. Therefore, some people say that INTP is delayed because they will have the largest amount of information and database. When doing all the decisions, they will delay the resolution process because they have the farthest sight and the most comprehensive consideration. And the most valuable thing about INTJ isNi, In a way,NiIt is also "power". It will not be overloaded with the amount of information like INTP, but based on real-time information, and then with twists and turns, trial and error,NiWill become more and more precise. So in the frontier field, INTJ and ITP are often very outstanding representatives. The efforts paid by the two are equal. INTJ continues to use the number of practices to makeNiPrecision to get insight, in other words, the number of practiceNiThe quality that brings insight is positively correlated. And INTP is more "practice" in the brain and get the optimal solution. But in terms of the amount of information, INTP is naturally the largest, and Ti+Ne is simpler and more skillful in using general solutions. Since INTJ does not require much information for consideration and behavior, it actually relies heavily on the process of "trial and error" by Te.

INFJNi, In a sense similar to INTP, for example Ti will focus on the breadth and depth of information, but INFJ’sNiI'm constantly coming out in consideration, so to some extentNi+Ti will allow INFJ to consider not only comprehensively but also more flexible, becauseNiIt is an instantaneous process. (Imagine whether it is faster to behave or to think faster. In the calculation of the brain, not only is there no capital risk after failure, but also not restricted by time and address.) The difference is that this phenomenon plus high Fe, Will simulate a similar appearance to Te. But it is far more shrewd, vicious and evil than Te. INTJ will be checked and balanced by Fi. This is talent, while Fe of INFJ is the auxiliary function of the two. It is a skillful social skill that cannot be rejected. Fe is a kind of one that can be selected by INFJ or not. Skills. In other words, INFJ can close and reject emotional information (this is an important time for the difference between true and false INFJ, true INFJ will certainly understand what I am talking about, non-INFJ will never understand this talent) So Why Hitler wiped out humanity in this way, because for the INFJ, emotion is a talent that can be opened and closed, and the use of this talent, the more Ti is opened, the more skilled. This is why, INTJ is rational in its bones, while INFJ is rational. Since emotions can be closed, they can also be used for logical analysis.

In the same way, this can also clarify why ESFJ is often arrogant in people's eyes. Because Fe dominance can shield your emotions, even a single derivative of you. So don't try to reason with "me". (.ˇΕ ˇ.)

To put it briefly, INFJ will inevitably open Ti continuously due to the characteristics of N, so the amount of information and horizon will be broader than INTJ. Fe is a group skill that can be closed and opened. When choosing closed,NiClosely combined with Ti, Ti will serve as an auxiliary function,NiIn the process of considering, it is a real machine with no emotion and huge amount of information.

INTJ's Fi is a human talent, and it is impossible to choose whether to activate or open it. This is why INTJ affects itself due to frequent impatient and emotional. Besides, the high level of Te,NiThe greatest effect is to optimize Te's trial and error power and ease Te's eagerness for success. INFJNi, It is more profound.

To talk a little off topic, the number of INFJs in the real sense is extremely rare. Because the scale cannot measure the quality of this misinterpretation. Fe is in a high position, and INFJ is very socially specialized, but he prefers to be alone in his heart and will deliberately alienate. And Ti gives INFJ a strong talent for logical consideration. INFJ can detect INTJ ENTJ ENFJ ENTP INTP ENFP INFP and so on due to the different opening state and situation, but only after comparing the characteristics of different types, will you know yourself better. However, the immature INFJ is indeed very simple to be influenced by the outside world and make a lot of unsettled behaviors, and then it is difficult to locate.

If INTJ is Coldest Human and INTP is Warmest Machine, then the INFJ that chooses to turn off emotional information is probably the well-deserved Coldest Machine (see Hitler)