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I am coming for the National Instruments logo satellite!
- 2020-07-17-

National Instruments National Instruments (referred to as NI) was founded in 1976. It is a listed company in the measurement industry. It has more than 50 branches and offices around the world, and many system alliance members. In 2018, its operating income reached 1.36 billion. Dollar.

For decades, NI has been providing services to the defense and aerospace industries, reducing overall costs and risks related to design, verification, testing, and product support through revolutionary PXI-based instruments and application software. In-depth cooperation with well-known aerospace companies at home and abroad for more than ten years. The cooperative companies include traditional aerospace companies such as Airbus and Lockheed Martin Space, and many emerging commercial aerospace companies such as SpaceX and Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd.

In the field of aerospace testing, NI can provide automated testing including satellite stand-alone/sub-systems, integrated electronic desktop joint testing to AIT (Assembly, integration and test) that is assembly, integration, testing and testing, and EGSE (electrical ground support equipment) that is electrical Ground support equipment test program; a complete test solution covering the entire life cycle of satellite platforms and payloads from development to on-orbit management, providing satellite remote control (TT& C), high-speed data transmission (HDR), satellite attitude and orbit Numerous sub-systems and mutual joint testing including simulation, GPS/Beidou navigation signal simulation, power supply and distribution, thermal control, structural configuration and environmental testing.

With the help of the NI 5G Leading User Program, NI has extensive experience in 5G communication prototype design and integrates it into new communication payloads, the architecture of the PNTRC spatial information network integrated with air, space, and ground, and its hardware prototype implementation and testing solutions.

In addition to the single-satellite complete verification and test solution, in the face of the wave of commercial satellites, NI is also committed to combining consumer electronics mass production test experience with satellite mass production requirements to provide customers with multi-spacecraft full-process parallel automated testing, test data and Equipment management system.

Adhering to NI's long-term innovative development concept, we are committed to applying technological innovation methods, improving test efficiency, reducing increasing test expenditures, and improving the market competitiveness of commercial aerospace companies.

Satellite test RFLinkAll-In-One test system

Utilizing the characteristics of the NI software-defined radio platform, NI, in collaboration with Changguang Satellite and other local partners, innovatively proposed a satellite test RF Link All-In-One test plan, using the same test hardware to achieve remote measurement, remote control, high-speed Data transmission, GNSS navigation signal simulation and other different functions, maximize the use of hardware multiplexing rate to reduce test costs. The test system can be configured with the following different test systems through software:

1. Telemetry and remote control test system

TT& C (Tracking, Telemetry and Control) is the core module in the aircraft, which realizes the interactive control, data transmission and positioning functions of the aircraft and the ground station. Based on the PXI platform to realize the TT& C simulation verification system, using software radio technology, flexible architecture, with the ability to continuously upgrade signal processing, and support future, more advanced measurement and control standards. In perfecting the TT& C simulation measurement and control platform, combined with GJB and CCSDS and other national and international standards, the PXI solution has a certain forward-looking.

• Support USB and x-band DSSS system

• Support telemetry, remote control, distance measurement, speed measurement and other functions

• The angle measurement function can be realized through multiple channels

•Support single machine to multiple test machine expansion, can realize parallel TT&C test

2. High-speed data transmission test system

The main purpose of the data transmission sub-system general detection test platform is to receive the downlink signal of the high-speed data transmission load of satellite or other target aircraft, and perform processing such as demodulation, decoding, storage and network forwarding. It is the development and testing of the satellite high-speed data transmission load. One of the essential core equipment in the process of waiting, can also be used in the satellite ground station receiving system. The high data transmission platform mainly simulates the two-way link communication function of satellites and ground stations. The equipment is mainly composed of PXI chassis, controller, vector signal sending module, receiving module, FPGA module and up-down converter.

• Support single carrier 765M bandwidth transmission, support up to 2.5G bps bit-level data transmission rate

• Modulation mode and channel coding rate are adjustable, and a variety of CCSDS channel decoding modes can be selected

• Compatible with DVB-S2X

3. GNSS navigation simulation system

Navigation simulation system based on PXI platform, based on software-defined radio architecture, supports GPS L1/Beidou B1 dual mode, can simulate static, high dynamic and specific trajectory and other target simulation methods, and can cover factory mass production testing and hardware-in-the-loop simulation (HIL) and laboratory verification and other testing methods.

·Accuracy information

o Pseudorange accuracy: ≤1 cm (variable fractional delay filter)

o Channel consistency: ≤ 0.3 ns (FPGA jitter)

·Frequency performance

o Phase Noise: -95 dBc/Hz @1KHz

o Noise Floor: ≤ -170 dBm/Hz

·High dynamic characteristics

o Speed: 15000m/s

o Acceleration: 100g

o Jerk: 100g/s