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National Instruments changes the new LOGO
- 2020-07-17-

Some time ago, National Instruments replaced the new LOGO

NI is always changing, in order to better serve you-engineers and companies dedicated to creating extraordinary and responding to the world's most difficult and pressing challenges.

You may have noticed some changes. First of all, we simplified the company name from "National Instruments" to "NI". NI serves the global market, and what we do has already gone beyond simply "instruments." We have a brand new image, which represents our people-oriented thinking and our commitment to bring positive influence to mankind; we have a new logo, which represents NI’s forward-looking thinking on engineering technology; finally, our new generation of corporate website also It has been online, and we look forward to bringing you a better experience.

Why now?

When NI was founded, we focused on one thing-to fundamentally improve the way engineers innovate. So far, we have not changed our original intention. However, over the past 40 years, many things have changed. Your business and technology have become more complex. We are all moving forward at an unprecedented speed.

The events in recent months have profoundly changed our lives. We have to stop and think seriously, is it the right time to introduce you to these changes? The answer is very clear to us, the world has never needed engineers and engineering culture like it does now. From low-cost ventilators to clean energy systems to the communication devices that maintain our daily communication, we live in a world defined and created by engineers using technology. It is their enthusiasm and innovation that ensure that we are stronger in this challenging era.

Most people think that the current situation will become the "new normal", but we hope to take a higher view. We hope to create a better "normal" for your business, your customers and society as a whole. Isn't this the spirit of an engineer? ——Continuous efforts to continuously improve the design, improve the plan, and improve the spirit of the results.

In the past three years, we have been thinking about and gradually advancing the business and organizational structure, integrating the internal connections between people, ideas and technology, so as to better meet your needs. Today, our method of software interconnection tailored for you inspires engineers to innovate boldly-in the semiconductor, aerospace, defense and government departments, automotive, medical, academic, and energy industries, they are rapidly changing The ideas of the world become reality. The new era of NI is written by each of us with courage and determination, and we are Engineer Ambitiously together.

what does this mean?

Engineer Ambitiously is that we imagine together and help each other to create a better future. Accumulate steps and even thousands of miles, accumulate small streams to form rivers and seas. We believe that all great achievements come from the accumulation and breakthrough of once insignificant innovations. At NI, Engineer Ambitiously means being curious and taking risks because we know that everything we learn today will guide us into the future. At the same time, all of us are deeply inspired by the challenges and achievements that Engineer Ambitiously solved.

At this moment, we jointly open a new era of NI, continue to follow each other and achieve each other, helping the next generation of innovators to imagine the future, pursue excellence, and accelerate.

Right now, let us be Engineer Ambitiously together.