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The Origin and Classification of NI Data Acquisition Card
- 2020-06-24-

NI data acquisition(DAQ) refers to the automatic collection of non-electricity or electric quantity signals from analog and digital units under test such as sensors and other equipment under test, and send them to the host computer for analysis and processing. The data acquisition system is a flexible, user-defined measurement system combined with measurement software and hardware products based on a computer or other dedicated test platform. The data acquisition card, that is, the computer expansion card that realizes the data acquisition (DAQ) function, can pass USB, PXI, PCI, PCI Express, Firewire (IEEE1394), PCMCIA, ISA, Compact Flash, 485, 232, Ethernet, various wireless The network and other buses are connected to the personal computer.

In order to meet the needs of IBM-PC and its compatible computers for data acquisition and control, many domestic and foreign manufacturers have produced various data acquisition boards (or I/O boards). This type of board is designed and produced in accordance with the bus technology standard of IBM-PC. Users only need to insert this type of board into the corresponding I/O expansion slot on the IBM-PC motherboard to quickly and easily form a data acquisition And processing system, which greatly saves hardware development time and investment, and can make full use of the software and hardware resources of IBM-PC, and also enables users to concentrate on researching and designing the theories and methods in data acquisition and processing. And the preparation of the program, etc.

There are many types of boards based on PC bus, and there are many classification methods. According to the different signal processing of the board, it can be divided into analog input board (A/D card), analog output board (D/A card), switch input board, switch output board, pulse input board Cards, multi-function boards, etc. Among them, the multi-function board can integrate multiple functions. For example, the digital input/output board integrates analog input and digital input/output on the same card. According to the difference of the bus, it can be divided into PXI/CPCI board and PCI board.
There are other dedicated I/O boards, such as smart interface cards, virtual memory boards (electronic disks), signal conditioning boards, dedicated (wiring) terminal boards, etc. These are complete types and good performance I/O boards and IPC Coordinated use makes the system composition very easy.