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What is the difference between NI data acquisition module and data acquisition card
- 2020-06-24-

NI data acquisitionAlso known as data acquisition, it uses a device to collect data from outside the system and input it to an interface inside the system. Data acquisition technology is widely used in various fields. Data collection refers to the process of automatically collecting information from analog and digital units under test such as sensors and other equipment under test. The data collection system is a combination of computer-based measurement software and hardware products to achieve a flexible, user-defined measurement system.

In fact, the purpose of data collection is to measure physical phenomena such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure or sound. PC-based data acquisition, through the combination of modular hardware, application software and computer, measurement. Although data acquisition systems have different definitions according to different application requirements, the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and displaying information for each system is the same. The data acquisition system integrates signals, sensors, exciters, signal conditioning, data acquisition equipment and application software. Today, when computers are widely used, the importance of data acquisition is very significant. It is a bridge between the computer and the external physical world. The difficulty of acquiring various types of signals varies greatly. Noise may also bring some troubles during actual collection. There are some basic principles to pay attention to during data collection, and there are more practical problems to be solved. The data acquisition module is mainly used in the industrial module application field of data transmission, and the remote data acquisition module has obvious advantages over the GPRS module in speed. But the application of remote data acquisition module in the industrial field lags far behind the application of GPRS module. The main reason is that, on the one hand, the coverage and construction of the remote data acquisition module network is not as perfect as the GSM network, and on the other hand, the cost of the remote data acquisition module is much higher than that of the GSM module in the early stage by at least two to four times, making the production cost much higher.

Many different sensors are installed in industrial sites, such as pressure, flow, electrical parameters, temperature, sound, etc. Due to the limitation of the field environment, many sensor signals, such as the voltage or current signal output by the pressure sensor, cannot be transmitted remotely, or when the sensor wiring is more complicated, we will choose distributed or remote signal data collection. The module converts the signal into a digital quantity with high accuracy on site, and then transmits the data to a computer or other controller for processing through various remote communication technologies such as 485, 232, Ethernet, and various wireless networks.

Most of the signal acquisition modules focus on collecting analog, digital, thermal resistance, and thermocouple. Thermal resistance can be regarded as non-electricity. In fact, it still needs to be collected by current drive. Among them, analog acquisition card and digital acquisition card It is widely used. Because the signal acquisition module is more adaptable to the environment, it can deal with various harsh industrial environments. If you are in a better site or laboratory, such as a school laboratory, you can use the USB/PCI capture card. Different from the common built-in signal acquisition module, the external signal acquisition module generally uses the USB interface and the 1394 interface, so the external signal data acquisition module mainly refers to the USB acquisition card and 1394 acquisition card.