National Instruments Releases New Features and Functions of LabVIEW NXG
- 2018-05-23-

NI (National InstrumentsThe company, National Instruments, referred to as NI) is a software-centric platform provider dedicated to helping users accelerate the development and performance of automated test and automated measurement systems. The company today announced the launch of the latest version of LabVIEW NXG, which fully proves NI Continuous investment in its next-generation LabVIEW engineering system design software.

The latest version of LabVIEW NXG simplifies some of the most time-consuming tasks in automated test and measurement applications, such as setting up and configuring systems, writing test and measurement code, and developing applications that can be deployed as web pages. These improvements can help engineers meet increasingly tight time-to-market requirements

Dave Wilson, vice president of NI platform software, said: "Since the debut of LabVIEW NXG in 2017, we have been working hard to make programming and measurement automation easier for engineers and scientists. In the past year and a half, we have added 40 more to LabVIEW NXG. A number of new functions have greatly improved the efficiency of software development, enabling engineers to configure, automate and visualize their test results with only one software."

New features of LabVIEW NXG include:

· LabVIEW NXG FPGA Module—Supports USRP (Universal Software Radio Equipment) and Kintex-7 FlexRIO hardware, and uses a new workflow to develop and debug FPGAs more quickly.

· LabVIEW NXG Web Module—Includes the activities and properties of dynamic Web applications, supports the integration of JavaScript libraries into WebVI, and provides access to SystemLink Cloud™ software (SystemLink Cloud™ is a cloud service software for NI hosting WebVI, which has the advantages of simplicity, security, etc. .)

· Development environment optimization—Provides integration and software engineering tools for quickly customizing applications, including support for registered .NET assemblies and new project dependency tools, and interaction with The MathWorks, Inc. MATLAB software ability. The MATLAB interface function allows engineers to directly call MATLAB code in the LabVIEW NXG environment, thereby completely reusing existing IP.

NI has invested in software for more than 30 years, and this latest version of the next-generation LabVIEW software continues a series of rapid release updates in the past, aiming to expand its engineering development functions from the design field to the test field. Whether you are buying LabVIEW for the first time, or you have been a long-time member user, you can get the new version of LabVIEW NXG and LabVIEW 2018.